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The Flower Stand

When you visit my self-serve flower stand, you will find a choice of ready-made bouquets and posies in glass bottles.  Prices will be indicated directly beside the bottle You can pay with cash using the cash box, or send a payment by e-transfer to  If you need change, don't hesitate to holler if you see me, or ring my doorbell.  Feel free to take the jar, as it will keep the flowers fresh.  Returned bottles are greatly appreciated, but not necessary. 
If you want to ensure a bouquet is waiting for you when you get to the stand, you can pre-order by getting in touch with me (min. $10/posy).  If you are interested in ordering a larger bouquet for a special occasion, please email me on the contact page to make arrangements.  As I grow all of my own flowers, selection depends upon what is in bloom at the time, so your arrangement will always be unique and exciting.  Also, there is a chance that the flower supply is low, so contact me a few days before you need it so I can save some flowers.


Special Order Bouquets

Standard special order bouquets are available as a $10 posy, a $35 mason jar bouquet, and $50-$100vase arrangement.  A $10 posy is similar to the posies at the flower stand, with a touch more design.  A $35 bouquet is a lovely full arrangement in a mason jar.  A vase arrangement is a arger, grander version where real creativity and experiment come into play using whatever is available from the garden.  There is also a fun "garden party" posy option, if you care to decorate your garden party with multiple small bouquets.


Because material for these arrangements relies upon the natural seasons, you will find that they are a different sort of style than what you might find from a full service florist.  If you are interested in novelty and open to whatever is available at different times of the year, including foraged greens and dried flowers in the winter, then I will go out of my way to make your arrangement spectacular.  


To order any of these, please contact me to check availability, as some months are more plentiful in the garden than others.  You can also request a price that you would like to pay and I can scale the bouquet up or down.  Emissions free delivery is an option too (prices below).  Payments accepted are cash or e-transfer or paypal. 


A beautifully designed flower arrangement with flowers and foliage from the garden based on what is in season at the time of its making.  More flowers will be added according to your desired price.  It comes in a vase, which you can keep or return to me for re-use.  You can include a note card too.

$50-$100 Bouquet

A mason jar bouquet is always beautiful and exciting; influenced by the season and the whims of the garden.  You can include a note card too.

$35 Mason Jar Bouquet

Decorate your garden party with a variety of cheerful bouquets in jars.  From June through September, you can order up to 10 small bouquets per party ($10 each), which will come boxed for pickup or delivery.  Please put in your order at least a week in advance so enough flowers can be saved for the occasion. 

$10 Garden Party Posies

Free: Oak Bay, Fairfield, Cadboro Bay, Oaklands, Fernwood

$10: Downtown Victoria, James Bay, Uvic area

$15: Esquimalt, Gordon Head

$30: Langford, Colwood, View Royal, Sidney


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