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The Flower Stand

The flower stand sits in the driveway of 1668 Foul Bay Road and is open every day. At the stand you will find beautiful posies and other arrangements created from flowers grown in the garden. Prices will be indicated directly beside the jar.  Feel free to take the jar, as it will keep the flowers fresh.  Returned bottles are greatly appreciated, but not necessary.  Drivers, please be careful not to stop your car in front of the driveway to buy flowers, it is problematic and is best avoided (Thank you!!).

Payments can be made with cash or e-transfer.  If you need change, you can ring the doorbell on the security camera.  If I'm home, I will come trotting out to assist.  E-transfers can be sent to and must be made within the same day of your purchase.  Sadly, due to an increase in theft, all payments must be made in full on the day of purchase, so that means no partial payments, I.O.U.'s or late payments.  T
heft is always noted and taken to heart. 

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